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Kensuke Sasaki
SEG Member - PG HF Dosimetry Review

Kensuke Sasaki received his PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 2011 from the Tokyo Metropolitan University and is currently a Researcher of the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan. He is engaged in research on human safety due to electromagnetic exposure in the RF domain. His interest is the computational dosimetry of human exposures and the measurement of the electrical constants of biological tissues at both low and radio frequencies. He contributes for international standardizations as the member of Subcommittee of EMF Dosimetry Modeling of IEEE International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety and the expert of IEC/TC106/JWG11 and JWG12. He is an Early Carrier Representative of Commission-K, Internal Union of Radio Science (URSI) from 2017. Kensuke Sasaki was appointed a Member of the ICNIRP Scientific Expert Group (SEG) in November 2018.

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