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Rianne Stam
SEG Member - PG Cosmetics

Rianne Stam was trained as a medical biologist at Utrecht University, where she obtained a PhD in the neurosciences. She subsequently conducted scientific research and taught medical and biology students at University Medical Center Utrecht, as post-doctoral fellow and assistant professor. Her main area of interest at university was the neurobiology and physiology of stress. Since 2007 she works as senior scientist at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (Bilthoven, the Netherlands), where she performs risk assessments and policy research on the biological effects and possible health risks of electromagnetic fields (EMF). She has published over 30 peer-reviewed research papers and has regularly acted as a reviewer for neuroscience, physiology and pharmacology journals. She was actively involved as an invited scientific expert in the preparations and negotiations for a new EU Directive on worker protection against the risks of EMF in the Council of the European Union. She has also helped develop information documents on EMF for the non-profit public outreach organization “Knowledge Platform Electromagnetic Fields”, in which her employer participates. She was appointed a Member of the ICNIRP Scientific Expert Group (SEG) in March 2013.

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