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May 2022

Announcement & Scope

ICNIRP is hosting a Mini-Symposium online and in Nagoya, Japan, 19 June 2022, ahead of the BioEM.

This will be an opportunity to learn about ICNIRP and its current and planned activities, get an update on some key radiation safety issues, and to address questions that members of the radiation protection community would like to raise.

The formal presentations will focus on two issues. The first relates to compliance with and implementation of the ICNIRP 2020 Radiofrequency Guidelines. This is an issue that ICNIRP has received many questions about, and although ‘compliance’ itself is not within the remit of ICNIRP, we have tried to put together some presentations that will help those working through such issues. The second relates to ultraviolet radiation, and what the current science says about harm associated with exposure to it. This will consider effects of UV-A/B on the skin and lens of the eye, as well as address the question of whether germicidal UV-C techniques may pose a risk to those exposed to it.

Program & Further Information

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