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9th International NIR Workshop

7-8 May 2020

Seoul, Korea


The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) is holding its 9th International NIR Workshop at the ECC, Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Korea, 7-8 May 2020. This event held in in conjunction with the IRPA15 Congress will provide a major opportunity to get first hand information on the newest ICNIRP guidelines, in particular the RF guidelines.

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Experts from NIR relevant scientific disciplines (physics, engineering, biology, medicine and epidemiology) will present recent advances in research and protection in the different areas of NIR, including electromagnetic fields and optical radiation.

The NIR workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of existing and recently-updated recommendations and the methodology and scientific rationale for their development. The update of the ICNIRP Radio Frequency Guidelines expected for publication in 2019 will be the focus of the workshop. Other topics include LED, laser radiation, short wave radiation, the UV Index, induced electric fields, epidemiological and experimental studies, exposure assessment and dosimetry, mechanisms of interaction, NIR applications in cosmetics, and safety issues for mobile telecommunication.

With the contribution of all ICNIRP members and scientists who will present talks and poster contributions, the workshop in Seoul, Korea will provide the attendees with a unique opportunity to extensively learn about ICNIRP's work of setting NIR protection guidelines and the newest advice in radiation protection.


The Program and YSA Evaluation Committee is now opening the call for posters (call open until 15 April 2020). Please submit your poster abstract using the template available here at Approved posters will be presented in a dedicated area at the workshop venue and presented at the poster session. Poster size: 90 cm X 120 cm (portrait, slightly bigger than A0).

Young Scientist* Awards (YSA)

As part of its efforts to encourage and promote scientific work related to non-ionizing radiation protection by junior researchers, ICNIRP will grant two Young Scientist Awards for the two best scientific abstracts from lead authors. Scientist must hold a PHD and be under 35 years old. Sole or lead author only are to take part in the award competition. The latter must provide the written consent of their co-authors. The two winners are given the opportunity to present their work within a dedicated plenary session. Their registration fees are waived. To participate in the YSA, please send us your abstract until 31 March 2020 at Please use the template available here.  

Program & YSA Evaluation Committee
Eric van Rongen, ICNIRP, Netherlands
Nam Kim (Chungbuk National University)
Maria Feychting, ICNIRP, Sweden
Rodney Croft, ICNIRP, Australia
Adele Green, ICNIRP, Australia
Akimasa Hirata, ICNIRP, Japan
Sharon Miller, ICNIRP, USA
Tsutomu Okuno, ICNIRP, Japan

Local Organizing Committee
Jin-Kyu Byun, Soongsil University, Korea - Chair
Hae-June Lee, KIRAMS; Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences Co-Chair

Advisory Committee
Nam Kim, Chungbuk National University, Korea
Jeong-Ki Pack, Chungnam National University, Korea
Yoon-Myoung Gimm, EMF Safety Inc., Korea
Yun-Sil Lee, Ewha Womans University, Korea
Young Hwan Ahn, Ajou University, Korea
Hyung-Do Choi, ETRI, Korea

Seungyoung Ahn, KAIST, Korea

Kihwea Kim, National Radio Research Agency, Korea
Donggeun Choi, National Radio Research Agency, Korea

Hye Sun Kim, Ajou University, Korea
Ae-Kyoung Lee, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea

Local Arrangements
Juno An, IFRE, Institute for Future Radio Engineering, Korea
Seungwoo Lee, KEPCO Research Institute, Korea


ICNIRP gratefully acknowledges the support of the Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science (KIEES), which co-sponsors and promotes the workshop. ICNIRP also relies on its own funds to organize and conduct this Workshop. Sponsoring of this workshop is drawn from national and international subsidies granted by public bodies only. 

Draft Program

Thursday 7 May 2020



Speakers to be confirmed 


Opening and Welcome

SESSION 1 – Setting the scene of NIR protection

Chair - Maria Feychting


Questions and Answers//Moderated Panel

Tasks and Roles of actors in NIR protection :

Role of ICNIRP

Role of WHO

Role of ILO

Role of IRPA

Chair: Adèle Green, 
Maria Feychting
Eric van Rongen (ICNIRP)
Emilie van Deventer (WHO)
Sigurdur Magnusson (IRPA)


Teas, coffee, and poster viewing


About ICNIRP (aims, structure, working procedures, new Commission members - DOI challenges)



Principles for radiation protection and
Procedure for setting guidelines

Eric van Rongen, ICNIRP


Lunch, and poster viewing

SESSION 2 – Health protection in LF range


LF state of the art : LF Data gaps and LF guidelines update

Guglielmo d'Inzeo and Rodney Croft


LF exposure scenario

Akimasa Hirata


What’s new in LF epidemiology?

Maria Feychting


What’s new in LF biology?

Carmela Marino


EMF protection and guideline in Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) Technology



Teas, coffee, and poster viewing

SESSION 3 – Health protection in optical range


Update of laser guidelines

Tsutomu Okuno


Lighting and radiation protection: LED statement

Sharon Miller


Short wave

Sharon Miller


Health messages regarding UV

Adèle Green



Friday 8 May 2020

SESSION 4 – Health protection in RF range


RF epidemiology update

Martin Röösli


RF biology - animal studies update

Zenon Sienkiewicz


RF biology - human data update

Gunnhild Oftedal


Mobile phone exposure and brain SAR

Ae-Kyoung Lee  


Teas, coffee, and poster viewing


RF dosimetry review

Akimasa Hirata


EMF human exposure from 5G base station in Korea

Kihwea Kim (RRA)


RF guidelines and further research

Rodney Croft


International NTP validation animal study

Y. H. Ahn


RF compliance and communication challenges

Soichi Watanabe


Discussion - Panel

Moderated by Eric van Rongen


Lunch, and poster viewing

SESSION 5 – Other NIR topics

Chair: Gunnhild Oftedal


Poster session by topics

Zenon Sienkiewicz


Junior Scientist Oral presentations
Young Scientist Award Recipient #1
Young Scientist Award Recipient #2

Award Recipient #1
Award Recipient #2


NIR and cosmetic applications

Ken Karipidis


Teas, coffee, and poster viewing


EMF and the environment

Gunde Ziegelberger






The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) will hold its 9th International NIR Workshop at the ECC, Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Korea, 7-8 May 2020.
Venue address: 52, Ewhayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 03760 Republic of Korea

Hotels offering discount to NIR2020 participants
Located 15 to 20 min from the venue by public transportation
Please use the form to make your reservation directly with the hotel

Lotte City Hotel Mapo ***hotel - Reservation Form
Standard room at KRW 110,000/night, Deluxe room at KRW 132,000/night, Breakfast at KRW 22,000/person
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Booking either by email at or phone (+)8223343111

The registration procedure is now opened. Secure your early birds registration fee until 30 March 2020.

As an affiliate from a Korean non-commercial entity or a student you are granted a reduced fee of 200 EUR. Please send us an email at to receive the appropriate registration link.  

Late bird fees from 30 March 2020:
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Affiliates from non-commercial entities : 360,00 EUR
Affiliates from Korean non-commercial entities and Students: 300 EUR

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