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Composition: Project Group (PG) consists of members of the Commission and the SEG when additional expertise is needed. PG members are selected by the Commission members.

Duties: Project Groups are set up to assist ICNIRP in performing its projects as per its work plan. These entities are dedicated to fulfill a specific work plan task such as the preparation of the ICNIRP draft documents or the organization of a workshop. Upon completion of the task assigned, the PG is dissolved.

Data Gaps
ICNIRP PG on "data gaps identified during guidelines’ development"

Task: Draft a research agenda for the whole NIR spectrum, based in particular on the gaps identified during guidelines development. The ICNIRP research agenda aims at identifying knowledge gaps relevant for giving protection guidance.

Membership: Carmela Marino (Chair),  Anssi Auvinen, Rodney Croft, Maria Feychting, Jukka Juutilainen, Ken Karipidis, Isabelle Lagroye, Chiyoji Ohkubo, Karl Schulmeister, Bruce Stuck, Soichi Watanabe, Andrew Wood.

Status: In action.

High frequency
ICNIRP PG on "HF guidelines (up to 300 GHz)"

Task: Revise the existing guidelines on limiting exposure to high and radiofrequency fields in the range (100 kHz - 300 GHz) based on the latest reviews available including in particular the ICNIRP Reviews, the WHO EHC, and the IARC monograph.

Membership: Rodney Croft (Chair), Guglielmo D’Inzeo, Maria Feychting, Akimasa Hirata, Kari JokelaSarah Loughran, Carmela Marino, Rüdiger Matthes, Gunnhild Oftedal, Eric van Rongen, Martin Röösli, Zenon Sienkiewicz, John Tattersall, and Soichi Watanabe.

Status: ICNIRP has been working on its new high-frequency (HF) guidelines, which will cover the 100 kHz – 300 GHz range of the non-ionizing radiation (NIR) spectrum. This will replace the HF portion of the 1998 ICNIRP guidelines. A draft of the new HF guidelines was presented at different workshops in 2016 (see below). This provided an opportunity to share the direction of the ICNIRP thinking, and to obtain preliminary comments from the Workshop participants. Now it is expected that a public consultation document will be ready by mid-2018. Information will be provided on the consultation in due course.

Past Activities:

ICNIRP PG on "Ultrasound guidelines"

Task: Draft a revision of the former ICNIRP Ultrasound Guidelines (including recommendation for patients).

Membership: Zenon Sienkiewicz (Chair), Jacques Abramowicz, Adele Green, Timothy Leighton (currently paused), David Savitz, Marvin Ziskin.

Status: In action.

NIR for cosmetic purposes
ICNIRP PG on "Intended human exposure to NIR for cosmetic purposes"

Task: Draft a statement on intended human exposure to NIR for cosmetic purposes

Membership: Ken Karipidis (Chair), Jacques AbramowiczGuglielmo D´Inzeo, Adèle Green, Sharon Miller, Tsutomo Okuno, Rianne Stam, and Tim Toivo

E. van Deventer (WHO)

In action

HF Dosimetry
ICNIRP PG on "HF Dosimetry Review"

Task: Prepare a systematic review of the latest HF dosimetry research relevant to setting the ICNIRP HF Guidelines and to the development of the WHO RF EHC. 

Membership: Akimasa Hirata (Chair), Rodney Croft, Guglielmo d’Inzeo, Masami Kojima, Ilkka Laakso, Simon Mann, Rüdiger Matthes, Margarethus Paulides, Eric van Rongen, Soichi Watanabe, Andrew Wood.

Observer: Emilie van Deventer (WHO)

Status: Active.

PG Blue Light
ICNIRP PG on Blue Light and Circadian Rhythm

Task: Drafting a statement on blue light and circadian rhythm

MembershipSharon Miller (Chair), Rodney CroftAdèle Green, Gunnhild Oftedal, John O'Hagan, David Sliney

E. van Deventer (WHO)

In action

ICNIRP PG on the revision of the ICNIRP LED Statement (2000)

Task: Revising the LED part of the ICNIRP Statement on Light-Emitting Diodes and Laser Diodes: Implications for Hazard Assessment (Health Phys78(6):744‐752; 2000).

MembershipSharon Miller (Chair), Tsutomo OkunoJohn O’Hagan, Karl Schulmeister, David Sliney, Bruce Stuck.

E. van Deventer (WHO)

In action.

PG Laser Pointers
ICNIRP PG on the revision of the ICNIRP Laser Pointers Statement (2000)

Task: Revising the ICNIRP Statement on Laser Pointers (Health Phys 77(2):218-220:1990)

MembershipTsutomo Okuno (Chair), Masami KojimaJohn O’Hagan, Karl Schulmeister, David Sliney, Bruce Stuck

E. van Deventer (WHO)

In action
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