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International Radiation Protection Association
Official Collaboration

IRPA and ICNIRP are linked by historical ties now relayed by an institutional partnership on the basis of the ICNIRP Charter and Statutes.

ICNIRP’s beginnings go back to 1973 when, during the 3rd International Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA), for the first time, a session on non-ionizing radiation protection was organized.  In 1977 the International Non-Ionizing Radiation Committee (INIRC) was created. This Committee was the immediate forerunner of ICNIRP that was chartered as an independent Commission in 1992 during the IRPA 7th International Congress.

As per its Charter and Statutes, ICNIRP and the IRPA Executive Council maintain a close working relationship. Every four years on the occasion of the IRPA Congress, ICNIRP reports to IRPA on its activities and recommendations. Prior to publication of new recommendations, ICNIRP informs IRPA and its associated national radiation protection societies and specifically sends them a call for participation in the public consultation. IRPA and its societies also receive calls for nominations prior to the regular ICNIRP membership elections. Finally, IRPA supports ICNIRP though an annual grant. Also ICNIRP and IRPA consult on the NIR Sessions of each IRPA Congress and on an ad hoc basis they organize joint workshops.