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Aim, Status & History

ICNIRP aims to protect people and the environment against adverse effects of non-ionizing radiation (NIR). To this end, ICNIRP develops and disseminates science-based advice on limiting exposure to non-ionizing radiation. Experts from different countries and disciplines such as biology, epidemiology, medicine, physics, and chemistry, work together with and within ICNIRP to assess the risk of NIR exposure and provide exposure guidance. ICNIRP experts base their advice on scientific publications about biological effects and action mechanisms of radiation, for the whole NIR frequency range. ICNIRP’s protection advice is formulated in its Guidelines, Reviews and Statements, which are publicly and freely available online. ICNIRP also organizes workshops to inform about current scientific knowledge and to provide an opportunity to advance the dialogue on NIR protection.

ICNIRP is an association registered in Munich, Germany, as a non-profit organization with a scientific mission (Statutes). It is formally recognized as an official collaborating non-state actor by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labour Organization (ILO). ICNIRP is consulted by the European Commission. ICNIRP is linked to many organizations engaged in NIR protection worldwide through diverse collaborative projects.

In 1992 ICNIRP was chartered as an independent commission to continue the work of the International Non-Ionizing Radiation Committee (INIRC) of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA). As per its Charter, ICNIRP was incorporated as a non-profit making scientific body and as such was registered in the register of associations (Vereinsregister) in Germany (Statutes). Its Secretariat is since then based in Munich.

ICNIRP’s beginnings go back to 1973 when, during the 3rd International Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA), for the first time, a session on non-ionizing radiation protection was organized. IRPA is the international body representing radiation protection professionals world-wide. This was followed in 1974 by the formation of a Working Group on non-ionizing radiation and in 1975 by a Study Group to review the field of non-ionizing radiation. During the 4th IRPA International Congress in 1977 the International Non-Ionizing Radiation Committee (INIRC) was created. This Committee was the immediate forerunner of ICNIRP, which was chartered as an independent Commission in 1992 during the 7th IRPA International Congress in Montreal.

Further information about ICNIRP’s history can be found in the below paper by ICNIRP’s founding Chair, Dr Michael Repacholi.

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