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Does ICNIRP issue Certificates?

Nov 2017

No. ICNIRP doesn't issue "ICNIRP certificates" nor Certificates of ICNIRP Measurement".

Many queries from the UK reach us asking whether ICNIRP issues certificates of conformity for base stations. We wish to clarify that ICNIRP does not issue certificates to verify the safety of any device or installation. Any such certificates and declarations are issued independently of ICNIRP, and ICNIRP does not evaluate their accuracy. ICNIRP's mission is to provide guidance on non-ionizing radiation protection. Its advice is published in the form of ICNIRP guidelines to limit exposure to non-ionizing radiation; in statements, reviews and notes; and through information published on the ICNIRP website. For questions and concerns related to certificates, please contact OFCOM. Thank you.
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