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Composition: Project Group (PG) consists of members of the Commission and the SEG when additional expertise is needed. PG members are selected by the Commission members.

Duties: Project Groups are set up to assist ICNIRP in performing its projects as per its work plan. These entities are dedicated to fulfill a specific work plan task such as the preparation of the ICNIRP draft documents or the organization of a workshop. Upon completion of the task assigned, the PG is dissolved.

Laser Pointers
ICNIRP PG on the revision of the ICNIRP Laser Pointers Statement (2000)

Task: Revising the ICNIRP Statement on Laser Pointers (Health Phys 77(2):218-220:1990)

MembershipTsutomu Okuno (Chair), Masami KojimaJohn O’Hagan, Karl Schulmeister, David Sliney, Bruce Stuck

Emilie van Deventer (WHO)


Short Wave Light
ICNIRP PG on Short Wavelength Light and Circadian Rhythm

Task: Drafting a statement on short wavelength light and circadian rhythm

MembershipSharon Miller (Chair), Christian Cajochen, Adèle Green, John HanifinKen KaripidisSarah Loughran, Gunnhild Oftedal, John O'Hagan, David Sliney

Emilie van Deventer (WHO)

Draft delivered

Chronic UV Exposure
ICNIRP PG on Long-term Effects of Chronic UV Exposure

Task: To review current evidence for long-term effects of chronic UV exposure and update guidance.

Membership: Nigel Cridland (Chair), Tania Cestari, Ken Karipidis, Robyn Lucas, Sharon Miller, Tsutomu Okuno, David Sliney

Status: Active.

LF Guidelines (≤10 MHz)
ICNIRP PG on Low Frequency Guidelines (≤10 MHz)

Environment and EMFs
ICNIRP PG on Environmental EMF Protection

Task: Draft a statement on environmental effects of EMFs on the basis of qualitatively reliable scientific papers. And, if possible, to analyse whether the current human exposure guidelines are also sufficiently protective for plants and animals in their natural environment.

Membership: Eric van Rongen (Chair), Rodney Croft, Ken Karipidis, Guglielmo d’Inzeo, Martin Röösli

Status: Active

RF Knowledge Gaps
ICNIRP PG on "knowledge gaps relevant to the ICNIRP Guidelines for limiting exposure to electromagnetic fields (100 kHz to 300 GHz)"

Task: Draft a research agenda in regard to the knowledge gaps identified during the development of the RF guidelines as relevant to protection guidance.

Membership: Carmela Marino (Chair), Rodney Croft, Akimasa Hirata, Guglielmo d’Inzeo, Gunnhild Oftedal, Martin Roosli, Eric van Rongen, Soichi Watanabe 

Status: Active.

Laser Guidelines
ICNIRP PG on the revision of the Laser Guidelines (2013)

Task: Revise the ICNIRP Laser Guidelines (Health Phys 105(3):271-295:2013).

MembershipTsutomu Okuno (Chair), Nigel Cridland, Rodney Croft, Akimasa HirataJack LundMaya MizunoJohn O’Hagan, Karl Schulmeister, David Sliney, Bruce Stuck.


LF Dosimetry Review
ICNIRP PG on LF Dosimetry Review

Task: Review dosimetry studies, which are related to LF guidelines (typically < 10 MHz).

Membership: Akimasa Hirata (Chair), Seungyoung Ahn, Yinliang Diao, Luca Giaccone, Jose Gomez-Tames, Ilkka Laakso, Kanako Wake, Tongning Wu

Observer: Rodney Croft

Status: Active

Relative Spectral Effectiveness
ICNIRP PG on Validity of Relative Spectral Effectiveness Factor at Short Wavelengths

Task: To review relevant evidence and update advice on the values of the relative spectral effectiveness factor at short wavelengths.

Membership: Nigel Cridland (Chair), Sharon Miller, Tsutomu Okuno, David Sliney 

Status: Onhold

ICNIRP PG on "Ultrasound scoping"

Task: Investigate the data on ultrasound exposure and prepare a recommendation on the development of exposure guidelines or a statement on safety.

Membership: Ken Karipidis (Chair), Jacques Abramowicz, Akimasa Hirata, Jens KuhneTimothy LeightonGunnhild Oftedal, Jan RadoszMartin Roosli

Status: Ongoing
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