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Work plan

ICNIRP develops its Work Plan at the beginning of the term of office by establishing the priorities and tasks. Project Groups are then set up to fulfill the Work Plan tasks.
High Frequency Fields
Revision of the guidelines on highfrequency up to 300 GHz.
The Guidelines for limiting exposure to time-varying electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (up to 300 GHz) published in 1998 are now being revised and replaced step by step, as explained in the Statement on EMF guidelines (2009). Revision of the LF and static parts are finalized. Currently, ICNIRP is revising the guidelines on limiting exposure to high and radiofrequency fields in the range (100 kHz - 300 GHz).

The Project Group associated with this task is set up. A draft was posted here for public consultation. The revision is in its last phase.

Project Group

Protection Principles
Review radiation protection principles for NIR and update the ICNIRP general philosophy statement.

ICNIRP's protection philosophy is summarized in a Statement entitled “General approach to protection against non-ionizing radiation” (Health Physics 82 (4):540-548; 2002). Since then ICNIRP organized two workshops related to the topic: ICNIRP Workshop "15 Years On: Reviewing The Past And Looking Forward", 15-16 September 2008, Prag, Czech Republic and the ICNIRP Workshop on Risk Assessment & Terminology, 23-24 November 2009, Salzburg, Austria. In order to now reflect whether the ICNIRP's protection philosophy is still accurate or needs updates the task of revising the statement was decided.

The Project Group associated with this task was set up in 2013. The PG organized jointly with ICRP/IRPA/ILO/WHO a workshop to identify similarities and differences in ionizing and non-ionizing radiation protection principles and possibly develop a reasoned and logically consistent framework across the ionizing and non-ionizing radiation spectrum. The result of the workshop will flow in the statement update. In September 2016, the Project Group formally finalized its task. In accordance with ICNIRP's working procedures, further developments are now being carried out by the Commission.

Project Group Membership (2012-2016): Eric van Rongen (Chair), Rodney Croft, Jukka JuutilainenCarmela MarinoRüdiger Matthes, Mats-Olof Mattsson, Chiyoji Ohkubo, René de Sèze, Rianne StamAndrew Wood.

 Past Activities: ICNIRP/ICRP/ILO/IRPA/WHO Workshop on Radiation Protection Principles

Statement regarding human exposure to airborne ultrasound
On the topic of Ultrasound two ICNIRP outputs can be mentioned: the INIRC Guidelines on limits of human exposure to airborne ultrasound published by the INIRC Committee in 1984 and the Joint Workshop on the effects of ultrasound and infrasound relevant to human health jointly organized by ICNIRP and NRPB (now PHE). The revision of the interim guidelines is part of the current work plan. A Project Group associated with this task is set up and in charge of drafting a Statement. 

Project Group
Workshop on Effects of Ultrasound and Infrasound Relevant to Human Health (2005)
High Frequency Dosimetry
HF dosimetry
Project Group is set up to address new HF dosimetry studies relevant to the revision of the ICNIRP RF Guidelines.

Project Group

NIR Exposure for Cosmetic Purposes
Statement on "Intended human exposure to NIR for cosmetic purposes".

Following a WHO/ICNIRP joint Workshop on NIR protection in medicine held on 2 December 2012, ICNIRP plans to draft a statement on intended human exposure to NIR for cosmetic purposes to document the potential health risks of NIR exposure for patients and beauty care workers due to use of NIR cosmetic devices. A Project Group associated with this task is currently drafting a statement.

Project Group

Workshop on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection in Medicine (2012)
Research Agenda: Data Gaps
Statement on data gaps identified during guidelines’ development (research agenda).
The task consists of identifying knowledge gaps relevant for giving protection guidance and drafting a research agenda for the whole NIR spectrum based on those gaps identified during guidelines development. A Project Group associated with this task is set up.

Project Group

Short Wave and Circadian Rhythm
Statement on short wavelength light and circadian rhythm.
A Project Group was established and is currently drafting a Statement on Short Wavelength Light and Circadian Rhythm.

Project Group
Laser Pointers
Revision of ICNIRP Statement on Laser Pointers
A Project Group is currently drafting a revision of the ICNIRP Statement on Laser Pointers.

Project Group

Light Emitting Diodes
Revision of the ICNIRP LED Statement
A Project Group is currently revising the LED part of the ICNIRP Statement on Light-Emitting Diodes and Laser Diodes: Implications for Hazard Assessment.

Project Group

Laser Guidelines
Statement on ICNIRP Laser Guidelines 2013

ICNIRP is currently drafting a Statement to provide additional information regarding the ICNIRP Laser Guidelines (Health Phys 105(3):271-295:2013).

Project GrouP

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