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EMF and Environment

ISBN 978-3-9804789-9-1

EUR 20,00

Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on the Living Environment. Proceedings of the International Seminar on Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on the Living Environment, Ismaning, Germany, October 4 and 5, 1999. Munich: International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection; 2000.

Content: As technology has progressed, levels of static and time varying electric and magnetic fields (EMF) in our environment have increased steadily over the past 50-100 years. EMF emissions from man-made sources now exceed those from natural fields by many orders of magnitude and are detectable everywhere in the world. Significant increase in environmental EMF levels have resulted from major development projects such as high voltage transmission lines, undersea power cables, radars, telecommunications and broadcast transmitters, and transportation systems.

The main focus of research has been to determine if EMF exposure of humans has any adverse health consequence. By comparison, influences of these fields on plants, animals, birds and other living organisms have been less rigorously examined. These proceedings are filling this gap and provide a summary about the environmental consequences of man-made sources of EMF in the frequency range 0-300 GHz.

Table of Contents


Sources and levels of terrestrial electromagnetic field exposure - Mild KH


Magnetic field effects in reptiles, birds and mammals: with a modest proposal regarding possible pathophysiological processes responsible for ammalian neuro-endocrine disregulation - Alleva E, Capogrossi Colognesi S
EMF responses in farm animals - Anderson LE
Sensititicity of molluscs to extremely low frequency magnetic fields - Prato FS
Endogeneous electric currents in plants and the effect of weak AC electric fields - Weisenseel MH
Impacts of EMF on plants - Soja G


Detection and biological significance of electric and magnetic fields in microorganisms and fish - Kalmijn AdJ
Influences of electric and magnetic fields on aquatic ecosystems - Kullnick UH


Solar power satellites - Osepchuk JM
ELF communications system and ecological monitoring program - Zapotosky JE
An overview of several large scale RF projects in the United States relative to non-human environmental impacts - Tell RA
Electric amd magnetic fields in consequence of undersea power cables - Koops FBJ
Environmenteal and ecological considerations for static and ELF electric power transmission line projects - Sheppard AR
Environmental assessments of the siting and operation of military radar systems - Merritt JH, et al


Preliminary results of MF effects on Gonyaulax sp. (Dynophyveae) bioluminescence - Berden M, et al
Measurements and assessment of exposure to EM radar fields in the environment - Kubacki R, et al
The effects of electromagnetic radiation from the Skrunda RLS on organisms - Balodis V, et al
Protective effects of a donor's cutaneous electric field on lymphocyte viability - Coghill R, et al