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Support ICNIRP

For independent science based advice on NIR protection

Why support ICNIRP?
ICNIRP is committed to science, independent from commercial interests and free of ideology. Support ICNIRP to contribute to independent science-based NIR protection. ICNIRP receives no money from industry (ICNIRP annual report). Thus it relies on grants provided by national and international organizations.

How will your money be used?
Your grant will be used to fund the scientific activities of ICNIRP and its management by ICNIRP staff. Costs include the organization of workshops on specific NIR issues and scientific advances in NIR protection; holding Project Group and Commission meetings at which recommendations are ultimately prepared; and support for the dissemination of information via ICNIRP's books, publications in scientific journals and the website. Experts work with ICNIRP on a voluntary basis and receive only reimbursement of the costs directly related to their participation at meetings and workshops.

How to support ICNIRP?

Provide an institutional or project grant
As a regional, national or international public organization you may subsidize ICNIRP on an annual or project basis. In return, your institution will be acknowledged in the ICNIRP annual reports, publications and on the website. Current projects can be seen under work plan. Besides financial contribution, in-kind support for example by providing meeting arrangements is also welcome. For more information on the cooperation offered to institutional partners, please contact us at info@icnirp.org.

Thank you for your contribution.

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