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Ultrasound and Infrasound

Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology 93(1-3); 2007.

Proceedings of the International Workshop on the effects of ultrasound and infrasound relevant to human health. Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology 93(1-3); January/April 2007.

The proceedings gives an overview of all the lectures delivered at the workshop which was co-sponsored by the UK Health Protection Agency (now PHE) and ICNIRP.

Table of Contents

Ultrasound–biophysics mechanisms
William D. O’Brien Jr.

Quantification of risk from fetal exposure to diagnostic ultrasound
Charles C. Church, Morton W. Miller

Overview of experimental studies of biological effects of medical ultrasound caused by gas body activation and inertial cavitation
Douglas L. Miller

Medical and non-medical protection standards for ultrasound and infrasound
Francis A. Duck

Effects of shear stress on endothelial cells: Possible relevance for ultrasound applications
E. Van Bavel

What is ultrasound?
Timothy G. Leighton

Therapeutic applications of ultrasound
Gail ter Haar

Ultrasound and matter—Physical interactions
Victor F. Humphrey

Vibroacoustic disease: Biological effects of infrasound and low-frequency noise explained by mechanotransduction cellular signalling
Mariana Alves-Pereira, Nuno A. Castelo Branco

Epidemiological studies on adverse effects of prenatal ultrasound—Which are the challenges?
H. Kieler

Rapporteur report: Basics and technology and metrology and standards
Jeffrey W. Hand

Metrology for ultrasonic applications
Bajram Zeqiri

Rapporteur report: Roundup, discussion and recommendations
Zenon Sienkiewicz

What is infrasound?
Geoff Leventhall

Cardiac imaging: The biological effects of diagnostic cardiac ultrasound
Maria Grazia Andreassi, Lucia Venneri, Eugenio Picano

The ultrasonic boom—Focus on health and safety
Alastair McKinlay

Plenary discussion—Experimental studies sessions I and II
S.D. Bouffler, R.D. Saunders

The enhancement of bone regeneration by ultrasound
Lutz Claes, Bettina Willie

Epidemiological prenatal ultrasound studies
Kjell Å. Salvesen

Medical diagnostic applications and sources
T.A. Whittingham

Rapporteur report: Mechanisms and interactions
Timothy G. Leighton

Shear stress in cells generated by ultrasoundJunru WuDevelopments in ultrasound—Non-medical
Timothy J. Mason

Rapporteur report: Epidemiology
Wei Zhang

Medical ultrasound imaging
Jørgen Arendt Jensen

Ultrasound, microbubbles and the blood–brain barrier
Stephen Meairs, Angelika Alonso