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Tongning Wu
SEG Member - PG LF Dosimetry Review

Tongning Wu is a senior engineer in China Academy of Information and Communications Technology. His studies focus on electromagnetic dosimetry, anatomical modeling and biomedical applications of electromagnetic fields. He received the B.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering from Tianjin University, China, in 2002. He obtained the M.S degree in Communication and Information System from China Academy of Telecommunication Technology, in 2005 and Ph.D degree in électronique, optroniques et systèmes from Université Paris-Est, France, in 2009. He is the member of International Advisory Committee (IAC) on Electromagnetic Fields of WHO. He is the director of youth committee of the China Bioelectromagnetic Association, founding member of China Digital Medical Society of China Medical Association and Conscious Disturbance Society of Chinese Neuroscience Association. He also participated in the IEC/IEEE workgroups on EMF safety. He is currently the co-rapporteur of ITU-D Q7/2 (Strategies and policies concerning human exposure to electromagnetic fields). Tongning Wu was appointed a Member of the ICNIRP Scientific Expert Group (SEG) in 2019.

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