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Commission Membership 2024-2028

Dec 2023

ICNIRP is pleased to announce that the ICNIRP Commission 2024-2028 as of July 2024 will be composed of the following scientists:

Akimasa Hirata, Chair, Japan
Ken Karipidis, Vice-Chair, Australia
Young Hwan Ahn, Republic of Korea
Nigel Cridland, United Kingdom
Frank de Vocht, United Kingdom
Anke Huss, The Netherlands
Ilko Ilev, United States of America
Jens Kuhne, Germany
Ilkka Laakso, Finland
Isabelle Lagroye, France
Alberto Modenese, Italy
Gunnhild Oftedal, Norway

The interdisciplinary team of highly recognized experts will start its term for the next 4 years immediately after the IRPA Congress, 7-12 July 2024.

Departing members

After many years of highly focussed commitment to the work of ICNIRP, Rodney Croft, Eric van Rongen, Guglielmo d’Inzeo, Carmela Marino and Soichi Watanabe (12 years), and Sharon Miller and Martin Röösli (8 years) will be leaving the Commission. ICNIRP is very thankful for their outstanding contribution and high dedication to the Commission's radiation protection activities.

Background information

Every four years ICNIRP elects its Commission members. Following a call for nominations extended to the IRPA national Societies, the IRPA Executive Council, and to national public radiation protection authorities and international radiation protection organizations, the election took place at the ICNIRP Annual General Meeting, 20-22 November 2023, Basel, Switzerland.

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