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Soichi Watanabe

Soichi Watanabe received his PhD in Electrical Engineering in 1996 from the Tokyo Metropolitan University and joined the Communications Research Laboratory (CRL), Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. He is currently a Research Manager responsible for leading RF safety in the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), which was established from CRL and another institution since 2004.
Dr. Watanabe has been engaging on various topics related with NIR, especially RF fields. One of the most important researches is to develop voxel human models which include the world’s first adult female whole-body model and pregnant woman whole-body model. Another his contribution to NIR is international standardizations, such as ITU, IEC, and IEEE. His research has mainly been dedicated to increasing scientific reliability of compliance procedures to NIR guidelines, e.g., uncertainty evaluation, calibration, and validation, which are responsible functions for national standard institutes such as NICT. His contribution to NIR is comprehensive, effective and neutral for developing adequate NIR environment for general public and occupational situations. He is a secretary of Japanese National Committee of K-Commission, Internal Union of Radio Science (URSI) from 2008, a secretary of Japanese National Committee of IEC/TC106 from 2006, and a member of the Committee for Radio-Wave Use Environment of Information and Communications Council and a member of the Committee to Promote Research on the Possible Biological Effect of Electromagnetic Fields, Ministry of Internal Affair and Communications of Japan. He has served the ICNIRP Standing Committee III since 2004 and was elected to join the Commission in 2012.

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