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Commission 2020-2024

Dec 2019


The composition of the ICNIRP Commission for the term of office 2020-2024 is as below. The new term of office starts right after the End of the IRPA Congress, 11-15 May 2020.

Rodney Croft (Chair), Australia
Eric van Rongen (Vice Chair), Netherlands

Tania Cestari, Brazil
Nigel Cridland, United Kingdom
Guglielmo d'Inzeo, Italy
Akimasa Hirata, Japan
Anke Huss, Netherlands
Ken Karipidis, Australia
Carmela Marino, Italy
Sharon Miller, USA
Gunnhild Oftedal, Norway
Tsutomu Okuno, Japan
Martin Röösli, Switzerland
Soichi Watanabe, Japan

Gunde Ziegelberger (Scientific Secretary), Germany 

Changes in the Commission as of May 2020
The new Chair and Vice Chair are, respectively, Rodney Croft and Eric van Rongen.
The new members are Tania Cestari, Nigel Cridland, Anke Huss, and Ken Karipidis.  
After twelve years of focussed commitment to the work of ICNIRP, Maria Feychting (Vice-Chair 2012-2020) and Adèle Green are departing the Main Commission. Following his professional retirement Zenon Sienkiewicz also leaves the Main Commission this same year. ICNIRP is very thankful for their outstanding contribution and high dedication to the Commission's radiation protection activities. 

Background information
As per the ICNIRP Statutes, every four year ICNIRP elects the Commission members. Following a call for nominations extended to the Commission members, IRPA and its societies, and national public radiation protection authorities, the election took place at the ICNIRP Annual General Meeting, 19-20 November 2019, Munich, Germany. The ICNIRP Scientific Secretariat is confirmed for the term of office 2020-2024.
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