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Welcome to the SEG

Jun 2023

Welcome to ICNIRP’s new SEG experts: Dr Jonne Naarala, Dr Sachiko Yamaguchi-Sekino, Dr Blanka Pophof, Dr Andrew Wood, and Dr Tsutomu Okuno

As a result of the SEG call and thanks to the nominations received from the community and the Commissioners, ICNIRP is pleased to welcome the following new SEG members: Dr Jonne Naarala, a cell biologist and professor of radiation biology from Finland, and Dr Sachiko Yamaguchi-Sekino, a medical doctor and expert on occupational exposure to EMF sources from Japan, will both join the Low Frequency Project Group; Dr Blanka Pophof from Germany, an EMF biologist with particular expertise in neurobiology and sensory physiology of insects, and Dr Andrew Wood, a biophysicist with expertise in EMF effects from Australia, will contribute to the Project Group Environment. Finally, Dr Tsutomu Okuno will strengthen the UV team with his expertise in optical radiation hazards to the eye.

 We wish all new SEG members a good start and a fruitful collaboration at ICNIRP.

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