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NIR and Children's Health

18-20 May 2011

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Banner Non-ionizing fields and radiations adressed at the workshop are electric and magnetic fields 0-300 GHz, infrared, visible and ultraviolet radiations. Invited expert speakers provided reviews and analysis of recent scientific studies and up-to-date information on ongoing studies related to children's health. Topics included in particular: children sensitivity to NIR, childhood leukaemia, children and sunbeds, current mobile phone studies in regard to children, children and MRI, prenatal exposures, children and new NIR technologies, sleep and wellbeing, children and dosimetry issues.

The workshop posters, abstracts and presentations of the lectures are available here.

The workshop proceedings compiling the speaker's papers were published (NIR and Children's Health. Proceedings of an International Joint Workshop organized by COST/ICNIRP/WHO/EuroSkin and hosted by INIS on 18-20 May 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Progress in Biophysics & Molecular Biology (107)3:311-482; 2011).


18 May 2011

Session 1 – Childhood Health and Diseases - Chair: E. van Deventer

Wolfgang Weiss
Childhood Leukemia - Risk Factors And The Need For An Interdisciplinary Research Agenda
Abstract - Presentation

Hans Lehrach
Other Childhood Cancers – Current Molecular Approaches to Address Environmental Risk Factors
Abstract - Presentation

Martin Röösli
Non-Cancer Effects Of Chemical And Physical Agents On Children's Health

Mary Norval
The Challenges Of UV-Induced Immunomodulation For Children's Health
Abstract - Presentation

Heidi Danker-Hopfe
Growth And Development Of Children With A Special Focus On Sleep

Session 2 – Children and NIR: At particular risk?
Epidemiological findings
- Chair: Bernard Veyret - Rapporteur: Mathieu Boniol

Joachim Schüz
Review EMF Epidemiology
Abstract - Presentation

Maria Feychting
Current Mobile Phone Studies
Abstract - Presentation

Adele Green
Harmful Effects Of UVR In Childhood: Epidemiological Evidence
Abstract - Presentation

Denis Aydin
Predictors of Mobile Phone Use And Overestimation Of Recalled Mobile Phone Use Among Children And Adolescents In A Case-Control Study (CEFALO-Study)
Abstract - Presentation

Geertje Goedhart
MobiKids - Study On Communication Technology, Environment And Brain Tumours In Young People
Abstract - Presentation

Mary Redmayne
Accuracy Of Adolescent SMS-Texting Estimation And A Model To Forecast Actual Use From Self-Reported Data
Abstract - Presentation

Isabelle Magne
French Children Exposure to 50 Hz Magnetic Fields
Abstract - Presentation

Sara Gandini
Meta-analysis On Artificial Light And Skin Cancer: Update
Abstract - Presentation

Examples of children's exposure to ELF magnetic fields, Korpinen et al
Electromagnetic Fields Measurements in Portuguese Schools, Oliveira et al
Personal EMF Exposure Of Children, Valic et al
Exposure Of Children In The Vicinity Of A Transformer Substation, Gajsek et al
A database for electromagnetic fields exposure assessment, Domingues LA

19 May 2011

Session 3 – Children and NIR: At particular risk?
Biology and mechanisms
- Chair: Paolo Vecchia - Rapporteur: Eric van Rongen

Isabelle Lagroye
ELF Animal Studies, Mechanisms Of Interaction
Abstract - Presentation

Carmela Marino
Radiofrequencies Experimental Studies, Mechanisms Of Interaction
Abstract - Presentation

Rüdiger Greinert/Beate Volkmer
UV And Children's Skin
Abstract - Presentation

Per Söderberg
Optical Radiation And The Eyes
Abstract - Presentation

Claudio Pioli
Prenatal And Early Life Exposure To 2.45 Ghz Wifi-Like Signals: Effects On Development And Maturation Of The Immune System
Abstract - Presentation

Tommi Alanko
Thermal Effects Of Mobile Phone RF- Fields On Children: A Provocation Study
Abstract - Presentation

Alexander Lerchl
Animal Studies On Growth And Development
Abstract - Presentation

Research On Children's Health And Exposure To Electromagnetic Fields, Asmuss M
Newborn UVA Exposure During Phototherapy For Jaundice Treatment, Bogi A et al
Sleep Pattern Effects In Rats With Wireless Multi-Channel Subcutaneous Electrodes After RF-EMF Exposure, Lee JS

Session 4 – Children and NIR: At particular risk?
Exposures and dosimetry
- Chair : Rüdiger Matthes - Rapporteur: Jim Lin

Simon Mann
Current (And Future) Exposure Scenarios And Assessments
Abstract - Presentation

Joe Wiart
Numerical Dosimetry Dedicated To Children RF Exposure
Abstract - Presentation

Niels Kuster
Children And Medical Exposures (i.e. MRI)

Azadeh Peyman
Dielectric Properties Of Tissues As A Function Of Age And Their Relevance In Assessment Of The Exposure Of Children To Electromagnetic Fields; State Of Knowledge
Abstract - Presentation

Jafar Keshvari
Volume-Averaged SAR In Adult And Child Head When Using A Mobile Phone – Computational Study With Detailed CAD-Based Models Of Commercial Mobile Phones
Abstract - Presentation

Serena Fiocchi
Effects Of The Dielectric Properties Changes In Newborn: The Case Of The Exposure To An RFID System For Mother-Newborn Identity Reconfirmation
Abstract - Presentation

Péter Juhász
RF Personal Exposimetry On Employees Of Elementary Schools, Kindergartens And Day Nurseries As A Proxy For Child Exposures
Abstract - Presentation

Nicola Zoppetti
Evaluation And Characterization Of Foetal Exposure To Low Frequency Magnetic Fields Generated By Laptop Computers
Abstract - Presentation

An Exposure Assesment Of Local Schools To Electromagnetic Fields From Exterior Sources, Cerezci O
MRI-Based Japanese Models in Early Childhood, Nagaoka T et al
Prenatal And Early Life Exposure To 2.45 GHz WiFi-Like Signals: Methodologies For Dosimetric Assessment, Pinto R et al
Fetal Exposure To Magnetic Fields Produced By Induction Hobs, Kos B et al
Exposure To Electromagnetic Fields From Wireless Computer Networks: Duty Factors Of Wi-Fi Devices Operating In Schools, Khalid M et al
Microwave Oven Leakage Radiation Measurement To The Working Staffs With Personal Dosimeter In Superstores Of Taiwan, Tsai CV

20 May 2011

Session 5 – Risk management and prevention - Chair: Mirjana Moser - Rapporteur: Shaiela Kandel

Christiane Poelzl
EMF Recommendations Specific For Children?
Abstract - Presentation

Peter Wiedemann
Criteria For Judging Advice From Advisory Bodies
Abstract - Presentation

Ruediger Greinert & Mathieu Boniol
Skin Cancer - Primary And Secondary Prevention (Information Campaigns And Screening) - With A Focus On Children & Sunbeds

Emilie van Deventer
WHO Research Agenda

Teen-agers´ sunbed use in Sweden 2010, Asp H et al
Children´s Sun Protection Need Not Conflict With Health Promoting Physical Activity - KIDSCAPE: A Study Of Preschool Outdoor Environments In Sweden And North Carolina, Wester U
Sun Protection Factors – 7 Tips For Safer Playgrounds And Healthier Children, Gulliksson J et al
The Information System EMF-Portal: Overview Of Scientific Publications On Children's Health And Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Field, Dechent D

Final Session: Overall Discussion- Chair: Mirjana Moser

Program and Organization Committee:
Paolo Vecchia, ICNIRP, Italy
Gunde Ziegelberger, ICNIRP, BfS, Germany
Emilie Van Deventer, World Health Organization, Switzerland
Alastair McKinlay, COST Action BM0704, United Kingdom
Mirjana Moser, COST Action BM0704, Switzerland
Karine Chabrel, ICNIRP
Ruediger Greinert, EuroSkin, Germany
Luis Correia, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal
Peter Gajsek, INIS, Slovenia