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7th International NIR Workshop

9-11 May 2012

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

    The NIR2012 Workshop that came to an end on Friday 11 May at 3 pm saw the participation of 180 delegates from 40 countries worldwide. 35 posters were displayed and 6 exhibitors participated in the Workshop. Additionally, the workshop was followed around the world online via a live stream.

    Videos of the presentations are now available online. Pdfs of the presentations are offered to the participants who attended the workshop.

    Experts from all relevant scientific disciplines (i.e. physics & engineering, biology and epidemiology) presented the most recent advances of research and protection in the different areas of NIR, including electromagnetic fields and optical radiation. In the last few years, ICNIRP has revised most of its protection guidelines, and the workshop provided participants with a comprehensive overview of updated recommendations, methodology for their development, scientific rationale, and recommended restrictions on exposure.


    To organize this Workshop, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) relied on funds granted by national and international public bodies, such as the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS), the European Commission (EC DG EMPL), the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA), and the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA). The support of the Health Protection Agency (now Public Health England) is also gratefully acknowledged for the provision of video recordings and online streaming as well as the support of the EBEA for attendance sponsorships.

    Finally, ICNIRP wishes to thank all speakers for their contributions.

    Wednesday 9 May

    Opening of the workshop - Paolo Vecchia

    Session 1 - Overarching issues      Chair: Rüdiger Matthes

    Evolution of ICNIRP guidelines – scientific and philosophical aspects
    Paolo Vecchia

    From static fields up to UV: Mechanisms relevant to health effects due to NIR exposure
    Bernard Veyret and Per Söderberg

    Age-related sensitivity to electromagnetic fields
    Zenon Sienkiewicz

    Possible non-scientific bias in the literature database
    Martin Röösli

    Session 2 - Dosimetry      Chair: James C. Lin

    EMF dosimetry (General methodology and RF region)
    Soichi Watanabe

    EMF Dosimetry (ELF, IF, and MMW frequency regions)
    Masao Taki

    Workplace specific EMF exposure assessment/dosimetry
    Gernot Schmid

    Optical radiation measurement and dosimetry: general procedures and source/workplace-specific challenges
    John O'Hagan

    Thursday 10 May

    Session 3 - Epidemiology      Chair: Eric van Rongen

    ELF and health effects – something new?
    Leeka Kheifets

    Mobile phones and cancer: how does epidemiology investigate this?
    Anthony Swerdlow

    Mobile phones and cancer: what has epidemiology found?
    Maria Feychting

    UV and skin cancer causation, and some unanswered questions
    Adele Green

    Session 4 - Experimental Studies      Chair: Zenon Sienkiewicz

    Advantages, challenges and limits of experimental studies
    Carmela Marino

    ELF and health effects – something new from experimental studies?
    Isabelle Lagroye

    Radiofrequency effects on the human electroencephalogram: Its relevance for health and how do we explain this phenomenon
    Blanka Pophof

    Non-cancer RF-effects in humans
    Eric Van Rongen

    Health Risks for the Eye from Optical Radiation
    Per Söderberg

    Session 5 - ICNIRP newly updated Guidelines and those under construction      Chair: Paolo Vecchia

    Exposure Limits for Static fields and for electric fields induced by movements of a human body in a static magnetic field
    Kari Jokela

    Exposure Limits for ELF electric and magnetic fields
    Rüdiger Matthes

    Intermediate frequencies - a challenge in terms of science and technological development?
    Bernard Veyret

    Major scientific topics relevant for the revision of RF guidelines
    James C. Lin

    Exposure Limits for Broadband Optical Radiation
    Karl Schulmeister

    Exposure Limits for Laser Radiation
    Bruce Stuck

    Friday 11 May

    Session 6 - "Further NIR Issues"       Chair: Paolo Vecchia

    Poster Session
    Eric van Rongen

    Accidental Laser Injuries
    Bruce Stuck

    Protection of workers - Application of international recommendations
    Georges Herbillon - EC DG EMPL

    International cooperation
    Emilie Van Deventer - WHO

    International research agendas and ongoing major studies
    Agnette Peralta

    Short reports on NIR research programs

    Impact of the WHO EMF Research Agendas
    Chiyoji Ohkubo

    The Dutch research programme on Electromagnetic Fields & Health
    Peter Zwamborn


    The following manufacturers of instruments and softwares for scientific experimentation and measurements displayed their latest products and innovations to the workshop delegates at the venue. Participating in the ICNIRP NIR Workshop exhibition are:


    Gene expression profiling of human HaCaT keratinocytes exposed to extremely low frequency electromagnetic field revealing inhibition of cell cycle progress
    Huang C-Y, Chuang C-Y, Hsu I C

    Transcriptional responses of mouse bone marrow to power frequency magnetic fields
    Kabacik S, Kirschenlohr H, Badie C, Bouffler S, Brindle K, Sienkiewicz Z

    Magnetophosphenes and associated brain activation: a study protocol in humans exposed to up to 50 milliTesla 50/60 Hz magnetic fields
    Legros A, Modolo J, Goulet D, Plante M, Souques M, Deschamps F, Prato F, Lambrozo J, Thomas AW

    Gene Expression Profiles in White Blood Cells of Volunteers exposed to a 50 Hz electromagnetic Field
    Kirschenlohr H, Ellis P, Hesketh R, Metcalfe J

    Subtle alterations in behaviour and hippocampus structure in mice following a short-term exposure to 905 MHz fields
    Broom K A, Whitehill K, Sienkiewicz Z

    Magnetically sensitive light-induced reactions in cryptochrome
    Maeda K, Henbest K B , Neil S R T, Hogben H J, Biskup T, Ahmad M, Schleicher E, Weber S, Mackenzie S R, Timmel C R, Hore PJ

    Investigation into influence of high SAR on neuron excitability
    Partsvania B, Sulaberidze T, Shoshiashvili L

    Metrology for next-generation safety standards and equipment in MRI - a new joint research project within the framework of the European metrology research programme EMRP
    Ittermann B, Zilberti L, Seifert F, Rabus H, de Prez L, de Pooter J, Nettelbeck H, Jokela K, Hand J, Bottauscio O, Borsero M

    A numerical survey of the electric fields experienced by humans moving within MRI static fields
    Zilberti L, Chiampi M

    Occupational exposure to static magnetic fields during a routine MR examination using a 3.0 T MR system
    Yamaguchi-Sekino S, Nakai T, Izawa S, Okuno T

    Cartography of 50 Hz electric and magnetic fields in a utility
    Magne I

    The measures applicable in assessing electrodynamic exposure effects of exposure to time-varying low frequency magnetic fields of non-uniform spatial distribution
    Karpowicz J, Zradzinski P, Gryz K

    A new methodology for RF-EMF exposure assessment based on sequential surrogate modeling
    Aerts S, Deschrijver D, Joseph W, Verloock L, Goeminne F, Martens L, Dhaene T

    Procedures for the exposure assessment of electromagnetic fields emitted by wifi devices
    Pinto R, Cavagnaro M, Lopresto V, Mariotti M, Carmela M

    Measurement and simulation of electromagnetic radiation distribution in physiotherapy units
    Koutsojannis C

    Radio-frequency heating due to head coils in ultra-high field magnetic resonance imaging scanners
    Shrivastava D, Vaughan

    EFHRAN project: exposure assessment to radiofrequency EMF in Europe
    Thuróczy Gy, Bakos J, Kubinyi Gy, Gajsek P, Samaras T, Wiart J, Ravazzani P

    Long-term monitoring of temporal and spatial variability of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) in Basel and surroundings
    Urbinello D, Röösli M

    In-situ measurements of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields in the environment
    Vulevic B, Belic C, Stalevski T

    The national register of RF workers (UK): a long-term follow-up study
    Litchfield I, Sorahan T

    An assessment of measurement uncertainty for dielectric property measurement system in the millimeter wave band
    Sasaki K, Mizuno M, Wake K, Fukunaga K, Watanabe S

    Electromagnetic interference of electronic implants: internet information system EMF-portal and research at femu
    Driessen S, Dechent D, Joosten S, Stunder D, Wienert R

    Implanted cardiac defibrillator (icd) and professional exposure to electromagnetic fields
    Souques M, Magne I, Perrino A, Lambrozo J

    Organ specific averaged SAR for the central nervous system
    Thielens A, Vermeeren G, Joseph W, Martens L

    Whole-body absorption in heterogeneous adult and child human body model in realistic environments
    Vermeeren G, Joseph W, Martens L

    Korean male models and the ICNIRP reference level in the frequency range of 10 MHz - 3 GHz
    Lee A-K, Choi H-D

    Enrichments of central nerve system in Japanese computational models for numerical dosimetry in intermediate frequency range
    Nagaoka T, Watanabe S

    Occupational exposure to static and low frequency electric and magnetic fields - a new health and safety concept
    Heinrich H, Hilpert G, Neuschulz H, Börner F, Brüggemeier H, Eggert S, Fischer M, Hentschel K, Udovicic L

    Medical survey after 50 Hz electric or magnetic field exposure
    Lambrozo J, Souques M, Magne I

    The model of application of ICNIRP's principles into the work place legislation on electromagnetic hazards - lessons learned from drafting European directive
    Karpowicz J, Rossi P

    Usage of mobile phones and concern on electromagnetic radiation of Portuguese youngsters
    Sebastiao D, Branco M, Oliveira C, Correia LM

    Design of a 50 ohm open TEM-cell
    Šira N, Malaric K

    Photobiological safety of newly introduced energy efficient lamps
    Necz P P, Bakos J

    Photobiological safety of light emitting diodes (LED)
    Udovicic L, Janßen M, Ott G, Mainusch F, Romanus E

    Emission of optical radiation by gas burners: a project with surprises
    Wittlich M

    Problems and open questions with limit values in directive 2006/25/EC in daily use
    Wittlich M