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Health Effects of EMF

ISBN 978-3-9804789-7-7

EUR 20,00

Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields in the frequency Range 300 Hz to 10 MHz.  Proceedings of an International Seminar on Health Effects of Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields in the Frequency Range 300 Hz to 10 MHz, Maastricht, Netherlands, June 7-8, 1999. Munich: International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection; 1999.

Content: The intent of this publication is to provide a review of the current knowledge on health effects from exposure to electromagnetic fields in the frequency range from 300 Hz to 10 MHz. It is based on the lectures of the "International Seminar on Health Effects of Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields in the Frequency Range 300 Hz to 10 MHz" held in Maastricht, Netherlands, June 7-8, 1999.

There are an increasing number of sources of human exposure in the frequency range 300 Hz to 10 MHz. These include: induction and conduction heaters, electrical processing equipment, radio broadcast, video display units, anti-theft detection and intelligent labeling devices, as well as equipment used for non destructive testing and medicine. Comparison of current international limits of exposure suggests that devices operating in the range 300 Hz to 10 MHz may produce exposure that exceeds the limits for both workers and the public.

Table of Contents


International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation                 V


Foreword                                                                                  VII

Acknowledgements                                                                 VIII


WHO's International EMF Project                                                3
M.H. Repacholi

Criteria for evaluation of the scientific literature for risk assessment             7
J. H. Bernhardt, O. Schulz

Physical principles and exposure

Intermediate frequencies (300 Hz to 10 MHz) electromagnetic fields: Physical characteristics and public exposure                    19
A. Polichetti, P. Vecchia

Industrial exposures to electromagnetic fields in the frequency range 300 Hz to 10 MHz                  31
P. Chadwick

Exposure to electromagnetic fields in the range 300 Hz to 10 MHz: Exposures in the military    45
R.G. Olsen


Setting limits for electromagnetic field exposure: Scaling considerations based on mechanisms           55
K.R. Foster

Electrophysiology in the zero to MHz range as a basis for electric and magnetic field exposure standards        69
J.P. Reilly

Laboratory studies

In vitro studies of electromagnetic field exposure between 300 Hz and 10 MHz      105
R. Glaser

In vivo studies on the health effects of electromagnetic fields in the frequency range 300 Hz to 10 MHz       123
J. Juutilainen, T. Eskelinen

Human studies

Human laboratory studies                                                         133
L. Miro

Review of epidemiological studies at intermediate frequencies                    147
M. Hietanen

Health risk assessment and research needs

Power-line frequency electric and magnetic fields: Effects on human health       157
M.S. Wolfe, G.A. Boorman, K. Olde, and Ch.J. Portier

Gaps in knowledge about effects from exposure to EMF in the frequency range 300 Hz to 10 MHz    169
E. Litvak, M.H. Repacholi


ICNIRP guideline restrictions and reference levels in the frequency range 300 Hz to 10 MHz        179
M. Grandolfo

Standards at intermediate frequencies                                      193
A. Polichetti, P. Vecchia

Industry's needs in standards in the IF range                         205
G. Davies

Measurement and compliance with standards                                    217

K. Jokela