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Measurements of Optical Radiation Hazards - 1999

ISBN 978-3-9804789-5-3

EUR 30,00

Measurements of Optical Radiation Hazards. A reference book based on presentations given by health and safety experts on optical radiation hazards, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA, September 1-3, 1998. Munich: ICNIRP / CIE-Publications; 1999.

Content: The intend of this publication is to provide guidance on how to measure intense light sources (i.e. UV, visible, and infrared) and evaluate the potential hazards to the eye or skin. In addition to measurements, calculations are usually required to compare the measured exposure with optical safety limits. This determines the hazard level of the source. This reference book offers a unique source with which to catch up on the latest developments in this important field. It is aimed but not limited to : industrial hygienists, health physicists, optical physicists, photobiologists, safety engineers and lighting engineers.

Table of Contents


Photobiological action spectra - What do they mean? - Coohill TP
Photobiological action spectra - Limits on resolution - Sliney DH


The Ultraviolet action spectrum for erythema: History - Urbach F
The CIE Ultraviolet action spectrum for erythema - Diffey BL
The Ultraviolet action spectrum for erythema - high resolution from lasers - Anders A, Brase B
Ultraviolet action spectra for photosensitization - Césarini JP
Ultraviolet action spectra for skin carcinogenesis - De Gruijl F
An action spectrum for photocarcinogenesis - Donald Forbes P, et al
UV-induced immunosuppression - Wavelength dependency and its implications - de Fabo E, et al
UV skin aging - Césarini JP
Action spectra for circadian and neuroendocrine regulation in mammals - Brainard G, et al
The cornea: Ultraviolet action spectrum for photokeratitis - Zuchlich J
The lens: Ultraviolet and infrared action spectra for cataract, acute in vivo studies - Cullen A
The lens: infrared action spectrum for cataract - A study based on a thermal model - Okuno T
The lens: human data from chronic exposure : UV related cataract - Sasaki K
The retina and action spectrum for photoretinitis - Stuck B
The action spectrum for retinal thermal injury - Lund DJ
Retinal damage induced by red diode laser - Zuchlich JA, Stolarski DJ
CIE efforts in standardization of action spectra - Césarini JP


ACGIH action spectra for hazard assessment: the TLV's - Sliney DH, Bitran M
ICNIRP action spectra and guidelines - Hietanen M
Occupational exposure limits for non-laser infrared radiation in Poland - Marzec S
Action spectra used in standrads: impact on radiation protection - Roy C, Gies P
CIE photobiological lamp safety standard - Landry R, et al
Photobiological safety and risk - ANSI/IESNA RP-27 series - Levin R
Optical radiation hazards and international electrotechnical standards for lighting products - Drop P
the Center for Devices and Radiological Health, Food and Drug Administration activities in lamp evaluation - Miller SA, James RH
The design of effective ocular protection for solar radiation - Mellerio J
Maximum permissible exposure to incoheren radiation: activities in IEC/TC/76/WG9 - Sutter E
Action spectra for treatment of hyperbilirubinemia: monitoring meters - Wolbarsht ML
Germicidal action spectra and UV disinfection monitoring meters - Vincent R
The development of international light hazard safety standards for ophtalmic instruments - Campbell C, Wolffe M
real-life measurement for hazard assessment: measurement requirements to gain FDA clearance for an ophtalmic instrument - Lambe R
Sunscreens - in vivo versus in vitro testing: pros and cons - Forestier S
Protective qualities of UV shading materials - van Tonder N, Monard LAG
UV index and communicating UV information to the public - Césarini P


Photometry - The CIE V (lambda) function and what can be learned from photometry - Ohno Y, Thompson AE
Measuring the radiance of conventional lamps and LED's - Lyon TL
Broad-band radiometers - uses and limitations - Marshall WJ
Spectroradiometric basis for calibration - Saunders R
Assessing UV hazard with magnesium-tungstate meters - Berger D
Interference-filter radiometry - Ryer A
Field portable acousto-optic spectrometers - Gupta N
Experiences of measurements in the workplace - Siekmann H
Polysulphone film as UV dosemeter: current state and further developments - Krins A, et al
Problems encounteres when making field measurements on sources of optical radiation - Franks J
Measurements of optical radiation emitted by welding arcs - Hietanen M, von Nandelstadh P
Solar UV monitoring by spectroradiometry versus broad-band monitoring - Leszczynski K
Averaging apertures and field-of-views for hazard measurements - Schulmeister K
Using broad band radiometers for measurements on sources - Goodman T
Solar UV monitoring network operations and data quality assurance with TOMS observation - De Luisi J, et al
Quality control and calibration of broad-band solar UV monitoring networks - Pearson AJ
The Swedish radiation Protection Institute's criteria for sunbed lamp measurements - a proposed new legislation on sunbeds in Sweden specifies criteria for fluorescent tube replacement lamps in "UV-type-3" solaria - Wester U
Measurements of representative lamps for the ANSI/IESNA RP-27.3.96 photobiological safety standard - Wood RL, et al
Solar simulators for sunscreen testing - Wilkinson F
Solar simulators used in drug and cosmetic testing - Sayre RM
Measurement of UV radiation with microorganisms (biodosimetry) - Cabaj A, Sommer R
Determination of source size for retinal thermal hazard evaluation - Hoin FA, Sliney DH
Radiometric, densitometric and colorimetric characterization of personal Ultraviolet dosimeter papers - Rácz M
Correction factors for solar UV radiation measurements by hand-held broad-band field instruments - Wengraitis S, Sliney DH


The effects of UVB and UVA on the photoaging of dermal connective tissue - Kligman LH
UV indices: communicating UV levels to the public - Weatherhead E
Filter detector for studying the Blue Light hazard - Kohmoto K
Multi-band radiometers: A class of UV radiometers used for doese cloud and ozone determination - Booth CR
Photoirradiation induced alterations in enzymes involved in carbohydrate metabolism in rat lens during aging - Seetharam Bhat K, Bhanuprakash RG
Differences between Polish and ACGIH methods of assessment of risk arising from UV radiation - Kozlowski C, Kosinski R
Erythema calibration factors for the UVB broadband radiometersf the US Central UV Calibration Facility - Lantz K, et al
An onsite spectroradiometric calibration instrument: advantages and sources of error using a photodiode array based spectroradiometer - Prince SR
The biological UV dosimeter "biofilm" - Rettberg P, et al
UV diffuse transmittance measurements of fabric samples: associated issues and result interpretation - Stoev N