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Non-Thermal Effects of RF

ISBN 978-3-9804789-2-2

EUR 20,00

Non-Thermal Effects of RF Electromagnetic Fields. Proceedings of the International Seminar on Biological Effects of Non-Thermal Pulsed and Amplitude Modulated RF Electromagnetic Fields and Related Health Risks, Munich, Germany, November 20-21, 1996. Munich: International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection; 1997.

Content: Thermal effects of RF exposure are basically understood, although there are still a number of unresolved issues. Most standards limiting RF exposure are fundamentally based on the premise that adverse health effects are only established at thermal levels of RF exposure. At non-thermal levels, a number of reports are pointing to effects of RF on biological systems, which needs to be analysed thoroughly.

These proceedings compile the lectures of a seminar aiming at adressing these issues. It covers RF within the frequency range from 10 MHz to 300 GHz. A specific attention is given to the possible health effects related to the exposure to the pulse modulations of the RF fields emitted by the mobile telephones and their base stations. Other devices of interest include radars, identification systems and similar sources of low-level RF exposure.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Biological effects of non-thermal pulsed and amplitude modulated RF electromagnetic fields and related health hazards - McManus T


Dosimetric needs for laboratory and epidemiological research - Kuster N
Criteria for health risk assessement within the EMF International Project - Cardis E, Rice JM

Biophysical mechanisms and Models

Interaction of radiofrequency fields with biological systems as related to modulation - Foster KR
Biological interations of radiofrequency fields - Tenforde TS
Theroretical models of RF electromagnetic field interaction with ligand binding - Chiabrera A, et al

Laboratory Studies

Effects of microwave radiation on signal transduction processes of cells in vitro - Luben RA
In vitro studies of the effects of nonthermal radiofrequency and microwave radiation - Cleary SF
Neurological aspects on wireless communication - Salford LG, et al
In vivo biological studies relevant to low level RF health effects - Saunders RD, et al
Strategies for RF laboratory studies: what we should think about and worry about - Pickard WF

Human Studies

Review of neurasthenic and other symptom-based effects and electromagnetic fields - methods and results - Bergqvist U
Epidemiology of chronic diseases in relation to radiofrequnecy radiation exposure: issues in interpretation of the current literature and future directions for research- Swerdlow AJ


Basic research needs - Leitgeb N
Possible health effects related to the use of radiotelephones: recommendations of a European Commission Expert Group - McKinlay AF
Wireless technology research, LCC program: an update - McRee DI