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2nd NIR Workshop (IRPA)

ISBN 0-969-59580-8

Non-Ionizing Radiation. Proceedings of the 2nd International Non-Ionizing Radiation Workshop, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, May 10-14, 1992. IRPA-Publications. M. Wayne Greene (ed). The Institution of Nuclear Engineers, 1 Pnerley Road, Catford, London, SE6, GB.

Table of Contents

I Introduction

Michael H. Repacholi
Non-Ionizing Radiation

II Electromagnetic Fields

Maria A. Stuchly
Introduction to Bioelectromagnetics

Jürgen H. Bernhardt
Bioeffects of Radiofrequency Fields

Jürgen H. Bernhardt and Rüdiger Matthes
ELF and RF Electromagnetic Sources

Martino Grandolfo
Electromagnetic Field Dosimetry

John A. Leonowich
Measurements of Radiofrequency Fields

III Ultrasound

William O'brien, Jr.
Introduction to Ultrasound

William O'brien, Jr.
Ultrasound Dosimetry and Interaction Mechanisms

Stephen H.P. Bly and Gerald R. Harris
Ultrasound Sources and Human Exposures

Peter A. Lewin and Mark E. Schafer
Ultrasound: Measurement and Instrumentation

Gerald R. Harris
Ultrasound Safety Standards

IV Optical Radiation, Ultraviolet and Infrared

Alastair McKinlay
Introduction to Optical Radiation

David H. Sliney
Measurements and Bioeffects of Infrared and Visible Light

David H. Sliney
Ultraviolet Studies

Louis Court and Daniel Courant
Lasers: Characteristics and Emissions

Anthony P. Cullen and B. Ralph Chou
Non-Coherent Optical Sources

Laszlo D. Szabo
Medical Applications of Optical Radiation

V ELF and Static Fields

Larry Anderson
Biological Effects of 50/60 Hz Fields

Stuart M. Harvey
VDT Measurements and Animal Studies

David Agnew
Measurements of ELF Fields

M.L Walsh and K.E. Donnelly
Research in Canada into the Health Effects of Power Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields

Thomas S. Tenforde
Static magnetic fields : A Summary of Biological Interactions, Potential Health Effects and Exposure Guidelines

VI Population Studies and Standards

Harvey Checkoway
Epidemiological Studies: What do they tell us?

M.L. McBride and Richard P. Gallagher
Epidemiological Studies of Power-Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields

Ulf Bergqvist and Bengt Knave
Working with Visual Display Units

Michael H. Repacholi
Guidelines and Standards