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3rd NIR Workshop - 1996

ISBN 978-3-9804789-1-5

EUR 20,00

Non-Ionizing Radiation. Proceedings of the 3rd International Non-Ionizing Radiation Workshop Baden (Vienna), Austria, April 22-26, 1996. Munich: International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection; 1996.

Content: Every four year ICNIRP holds an International NIR Workshop to summarize the basic knowledge on the NIR issues and the latest developments in the area. Lectures are given by internationally recognized experts in all the various non-ionizing radiation specialities on characteristics, dosimetry, interaction mechanisms, biological and helath effects, standards and protective measures on the electromagnetic NIR from static fields to ultraviolet radiation.

Additionally there were presentation on the ICNIRP's philosophy, laboratory and epidemiological methods and their assessment, prudent avoidance and other policies for dealing with uncertain health hazards, risk perception and communication, risk management, management of NIR hazards toward the public and workers, and social and economic impact of litigation.

These proceedings offer a comprehensive overview of NIR health risks and protective measures.