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6th NIR Workshop

EUR 15,00

Non-Ionizing Radiation. CD-Proceedings of the 6th International Non-Ionizing Radiation Workshop Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, October 14-17, 2008. Munich: International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection; 2009.

Content: This CD features lectures by internationally recognized experts in all non-ionizing radiation (NIR) specialties on characteristics, dosimetry, mechanisms of interaction, biology and health effects, standards and protective measures covering all NIR, from static fields to ultraviolet radiation.

Special attention is given to the situation in Latin America and the approaches to NIR protection adopted in varous countries.

Table of Contents

Session 1

The Role Of International Institutions - Chair M. Hietanen
History and role of ICNIRP P. Vecchia
International partners of ICNIRP A. Peralta
Scientific uncertainty in developing exposure guidelines A. McKinlay

Session 2
Non-Ionizing Radiation In The Human Environment
- Chair B. Veyret
Static and ELF sources - MRI, Power lines, etc R. Matthes
RF sources - why are cell phones special? J. Lin
New EMF technologies - a challenge for radiation protection? J. Lin
Lasers - sources of optical radiation only at the workplace? K. Schulmeister
Mobile phones and cancer - how does epidemiology investigate this? A. Swerdlow
Power lines and cancer - what has epidemiology found ? A. Ahlbom
Mobile phones and risk of cancer - what has epidemiology found? M. Feychting
Laboratory studies on static and ELF fields R. Saunders

Session 3
The Scientific Evidence – Basis For The Health Risk Assessment
- Chair M. Repacholi
Laboratory studies on RF fields B. Veyret
UV: from molecular effects to immunologic and cancerous impact F. de Gruijl
Needs and possibilities to protect workers from UV radiation M. Hietanen
Ocular effects of optical radiation - cataract P. Söderberg
Laser radiation : bioeffects and protection K. Schulmeister

Session 4
Protection Measures And Recommendations
- Chair R. Saunders
WHO health risk assessment process E. van Deventer
Basis for the development of standard P. Vecchia
Recommendations for static and ELF fields R. Matthes
Protection policies for RF fields B. Veyret
Recommendations for optical radiation M. Hietanen

Session 5
The Latin American Approach
- Chair P. Vecchia
Overview of EMF standards in Latin America J. Skvarka
Standards for ELF fields: the experience of Argentina Part1, Part2, Part 3 P. Arnera
ELF fields and health: activities in Brazil H. Moss de Souza
RF fields and health: activities in Brazil M. A. Muniz Fidelis da Silva
Mobile telephony and health: the experience of Peru V. Cruz
Role and activities of CIER J.C. Belza
Role and activities of CITEL R. Terán
The Latin American Scientific Expert Panel R. Sabbatini
The Epidemiological Project EMF-SP F. Barbieri

Closing Session
New challenges in NIR protection P. Vecchia