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Biol. Effects of Pulsed RF

ISBN 978-3-934994-00-3

EUR 20,00

Biological Effects, Health Consequences and Standards for Pulsed Radiofrequency Fields. Proceedings of the International Seminar on Biological Effects, Health Consequences and Standards for Pulsed Radiofrequency Fields, Erice, Italy, November 21 to 25, 1999. Munich: International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection; 2001.

Content: Many reviews have concluded that, although hazards from exposure to high-level (thermal) RF fields have been established, no known health hazards were associated with exposure to RF sources emitting fields too low to cause a significant temperature rise in tissue. Biological effects from low-level RF exposure have been identified needing replication and further study. Yet there are even more gaps in knowledge about the possible effects to pulse-modulated RF fields that need to be filled to determine if there are long-term health effects. These proceedings provide a very comprehensive overview of all those issues.

Table of Contents

Opening and Introduction
WHO's International EMF Project - Repacholi MH
Criteria for acceptance of scientific literature for risk assessment and ICNIRP's role in NIR protection - Bernahrdt JH

Characteristics, Technologies, and Exposure Levels
Characteristics and dosimetric concepts for RF fields - Grandolfo M, Polichetti A
Emerging mobile communication technologies - Balzano Q, Joyner K
Workplace radiofrequency sources and exposure - Vecchia P
Human exposure to public eadiofrequency sources - Hietanen M

Applications and Instrumentation
Medical applications of radiofrequency fields - Use of pulsed signals - Nikita KS
Measurement of RF near and far fields - Simunic D

International EMF dosimetry project - Mason PA, Klauenberg BJ, Chadwick P, Gajsek P, Walters TJ, Hurt WD, Ziriak JM
Exposure assessment in epidemiological studies - sensitivity, specificity and the impact of non-differential exposure misclassification - Feychting M, Ahlbom A

Known mechanisms of pulsed RF field interaction - Bernhardt JH
Mechanisms of interaction of radiofrequency fields with biological systems as related to modulation - Foster KR
The biological effects of high peak power, short pulse width electromagnetic fields - Murphy MR, Merritt JH

Cancer Studies
In vitrostudies relevant to possible cancer-related effects of pulsed radiofrequency fields - Juutilainen J, Naarala J.
Biological effects, health consequences and standards for pulsed radiofrequency fields - Cancer epidemiological studies - Ahlbom A, Feychting M

Neurological and Behavioral Studies
Summary of key pulsed RF health effects - Lin JC
Microwave hearing effects and threshold - Chou CK
Memory and behaviour - Lai H

Psychological Studies
Non-specific health symptoms among mobile phone users
Mild KH, Sandström M, Oftedahl G, Wilén J
Psychological aspects - Leitgeb N
Electromagnetic hypersensitivity - Bergqvist U

Various Studies
RFR non cancer in vitro investigations: genetic effects - Verschaeve L
Human non-cancer mobile phone studies - Preece AW
Research on bioeffects of pulsed RF in China - Chiang H
A review of russian/FSU research on pulsed RF bioeffects - Pakhomov AG, Murphy MR

Summary Session
Summary of poster results - McManus T
Low-level exposure to pulse-modulated radiofrequency fields: health effects and research needs - Repacholi MH
Implications of new research for RF standards - Bernhardt JH

Poster Presentation
Biological effects of ELF-modulated radiofrequency fields on cell transcription - Romano-Spica V, et al
The effects of combined electron beam and microwave irradiation on microorganism inactivation - Martin D, et al
Interactions of ultrawide band radio frequency pulses with rabbits - Inns RH, Rice P
Partial-discharge phenomena and the possibility of using it in observing peculiarities of low-level (pulsed) radiofrequency field bioeffects - Miclaus S
Exposure assessment of electromagnetic radiation in occupations and environment in Bulgaria - Israel M, Ivanova M
Bioelectromagnetic models : an integrated approach to the study of interaction mechanisms - Bruna S, et al
Modeling the effects of radiofrequency signals on biological oscillators - Thompson CJ, et al
Stochastic approaches for electric field prediction and dielectric imaging of biological structures - Caorsi S, et al
How to cope with the public debate in the case of base-stations. An example of risk management - Vogel E