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EMF Risk Communication

ISBN 978-3-9804789-4-6

EUR 20,00

Risk Perception, Risk Communication and its Application to EMF Exposure.
Proceedings of the International Seminar on Risk Perception, Risk Communication and its Application to EMF Exposure, Vienna, Austria, October 22-23, 1997. Munich: International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection; 1998.

Content: The risk of exposure to EMF is differently evaluated by the general public and by the scientific community. This heterogeneous perception makes it difficult to communicate adequately about the potential hazards of such exposure.

In order to better understand public risk perception and to improve health risk communications, a seminar was organized by ICNIRP. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the science on risk issues and its application to electromagnetic fields.

Table of Contents


Risk Assessment and Risk Perception

Risk management needs to integrate risk assessment and perception - Renn O
Principles of risk assessment and their limitations - Bailey WH
Health consequences from perception of risk - Havenaar JM
The perception of risks: an overview of research and theory - Lee TR
Differences and common grounds of risk perception in different cultures - Moreno AR

Risk Communication and Risk Management

Modern strategies of risk communication: reflections on recent experience - Kemp R
The importance of stakeholders in the risk communication process - Dolan M
Risky phantoms - Passchier WF
EMF and liability claims under California law - Baram M, Dana D
Learning from experience: the need for systematic evaluation methods for risk perception and communication - Gerrard S


Perceived Risks Atributed to EMF

Risk perception, risk communicaiton and EMF exposure: Tools and techniques for communication risk information - Covello, VT
EMF and the media: Coverage by three major U.S. daily newspapers - Wartenberg D, Greenberg M
Symptoms related to working with or in proximity to electrical devices - Bergqvist U
Mental models and EMF risk perceptions of the U.S. general public - Hester GL

Tools for Effective Risk Communication for the EMF Agenda

EMF communication - Bringing the rational discourse down to earth - Wiedemann P
Impact of EMF risk communication on public EMF risk perception - Hallman WK
Risk communication: the focus in the NIEHS RAPID program's review of EMF health hazards - Portier CJ, Wolfe MS


EMF information available to the public - different European concept and scopes - Vogel E
Practical implementation of EMF communication McManus T
Risk management in practice - Kunsch B
Risk and public opinion - Weiss B
Scientists as communicators : addressing the media and the public - Gaines MJ
Risk communication cleanup - Klauenberg BJ