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Exposure Metrics and Dosimetry - 1999

Radiation Protection Dosimetry 83(1-2); 1999.

Exposure Metrics and Dosimetry for EMF Epidemiology. Proceedings of an International Workshop, NRPB, Chilton, UK September 7-9 1998. McKinlay AF, Repacholi MH, eds. Nuclear Technology Publishing, Radiation Protection Dosimetry 83(1-2); 1999. ISBN 1870965612.

The proceedings propose papers summarizing the lectures given at the workshop, which was jointly organized by the National Radiological Protection Board, the World Health Organization and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection.

Table of Contents


International Workshop on Exposure Metrics and Dosimetry for EMF Epidemiology
AF McKinlay and MH Repacholi

Opening Papers

WHO's International EMF project
MH Repacholi

ICNIRP Initiatives
JH Bernhardt

Sources and Exposure Metrics for ELF Epidemiology

Residential Power-Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields: Sources and Exposures
J Swanson

Sources of Exposure to ELF Fields at Workplaces
P Vecchia

Assessment of Human Exposure to Magnetic Fields Produced by Domestic Appliances
AW Preece, WT Kaune, P Grainger and J Golding

ELF Magnetic Fields, Transients and TWA Metrics
R Kavet

Personal Exposure Logging for ELF Fields
JM Silva

Assessment of Industrial Exposure to Magnetic Fields
P Chadwick

Temporal and other Exposure Aspects of Residential Magnetic Field Measurements in Relation to Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in Children: The National Cancer Institute/Childrens Cancer Group Study
D Baris, M Linet, A Auvinen, WT Kaune, S Wacholder, R Kleinerman, E Hatch, L Robison, S Niwa, C Haines and RE Tarone

Occupational Exposure Assessment in Epidemiological Studies of EMF
L Kheifets

Magnetic Fields Exposure Estimates Based on Power Lines Near Homes
A Ahlbom, M Feychting

Rapporteur Report: Sources and Exposure Metrics for ELF Epidemiology (Part 1)
R Matthes

Exposure from Domestic Appliances
RA Cartwright

Combined Occupational and Residential Exposures
B Floderus

Alternative Magnetic Field Exposure Metrics: Occupational Measurements in Trolley Workers
M Yost

Rapporteur Report: Sources and Exposure Metrics for ELF Epidemiology (Part 2)
ML McBride

Sources and Exposure Metrics for RF Epidemiology

Residential RF Exposure
M Dahme

Occupational RF Exposure
K Jokela and L Purunen

Cellular Phone Base Stations: Technology and Exposures
PA Ramsdale and A Wiener

RF and ELF Exposure from cellular Phone Handsets: TDMA and CDMA Systems
GF Pedersen, JB Andersen

Characterization of Energy Deposition in the Head from Cellular Phones
PJ Dimbylow, SM Mann

Rapporteur Report: Sources and Exposure Metrics for RF Epidemiology (Part 1)
S Allen

Measurement of Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure in Epidemiological Studies
AJ Swerdlow

Cellular Telephones, Magnetic Field Exposure, Risk of Brain Tumours and Cancer at Other Sites: A Cohort Study
C Johansen, JH Olsen

Epidemiological Safety Surveillance of Cellular Telephones in the US
NA Dreyer, JE Loughlin, KJ Rothman

Exposure Metrics for RF Epidemiology: Cellular Phone Handsets
Q Balzano

Mobile Phone Network Operators' Actions on RF Safety
JH Causebrook

Billing Records abd Wireless Phones: The US Experience
J AR Basile

International Case-Control Study of Adult Brain, Head and Neck Tumours: results of the Feasibility Study
E Cardis, M Kilkenny

Rapporteur Report: Sources and Exposure Metrics for RF Epidemiology (Part 2)
PA Buffler

Author Index

List of Participants