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Static Magnetic Fields - 2005

Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, Volume 87, Issues 2–3, February–April 2005

Effects of Static Magnetic Fields Relevant to Human Health. Proceedings of an International Workshop, NRPB, Chilton, UK, April 26-27, 2004. Noble D, McKinlay AF, Repacholi MH, eds. Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, Volume 87, Issues 2–3, February–April 2005.

The proceedings gives an overview of all the lectures delivered at the workshop which was co-sponsored by the World Health Organization, UK National Radiological Protection Board (now PHE) and ICNIRP.

Table of Contents

Rapporteur report: Cellular, animal and epidemiological studies of the effects of static magnetic fields relevant to human health
Dariusz Leszczynski

Rapporteurs report: dosimetry and volunteer studies
Eric van Rongen

Static magnetic fields: animal studies
Richard Saunders

Static magnetic field effects on human subjects related to magnetic resonance imaging systems
Donald W. Chakeres, Frank de Vocht

Health effects of static magnetic fields—a review of the epidemiological evidence
Maria Feychting

WHO health risk assessment process for static fields
T.E. van Deventer, R. Saunders, M.H. Repacholi

Effects of static magnetic fields at the cellular level
Junji Miyakoshi

Physical interactions of static magnetic fields with living tissues
John F. Schenck

Rapporteur report: implications for exposure guidelines
Zenon Sienkiewicz

Numerical evaluation of the fields induced by body motion in or near high-field MRI scanners
Stuart Crozier, Feng Liu

A review of the current use of magnetic resonance imaging in pregnancy and safety implications for the fetus
J.P. De Wilde, A.W. Rivers, D.L. Price

ELF magnetic fields: Animal studies, mechanisms of action
Isabelle Lagroye, Yann Percherancier, Jukka Juutilainen, Florence Poulletier De Gannes, Bernard Veyret

The sensitivity of the heart to static magnetic fields
Arun V. Holden

Present and future magnetic resonance sources of exposure to static fields
P.A. Gowland

The effects of static magnetic field on action potential propagation and excitation recovery in nerve
R. Hinch, K.A. Lindsay, D. Noble, J.R. Rosenberg

Electromagnetic cellular interactions
Michal Cifra, Jeremy Z. Fields, Ashkan Farhadi

Are the young more sensitive than adults to the effects of radiofrequency fields? An examination of relevant data from cellular and animal studies
Carmela Marino, Isabelle Lagroye, Maria Rosaria Scarfì, Zenon Sienkiewicz

Rapporteur's report: sources and interaction mechanisms
P.J. Hore

Magnetically induced electric fields and currents in the circulatory system
Thomas S. Tenforde

More research is needed to determine the safety of static magnetic fields
A.F. McKinlay, M.H. Repacholi

Local SAR enhancements in anatomically correct children and adult models as a function of position within 1.5 T MR body coil
Manuel Murbach, Eugenia Cabot, Esra Neufeld, Marie-Christine Gosselin, Andreas Christ, Klaas P. Pruessmann, Niels Kuster

The principle of coherence in multi-level brain information processing
Matej Plankar, Simon Brežan, Igor Jerman

New observations may inform seizure models: Very fast and very slow oscillations
Mark P. Richardson

Exploiting the potential of three dimensional spatial wavelet analysis to explore nesting of temporal oscillations and spatial variance in simultaneous EEG-fMRI data
Matthias Schultze-Kraft, Robert Becker, Michael Breakspear, Petra Ritter

Development and applications of in vivo clinical magnetic resonance spectroscopy
I.Jane Cox

Theoretical models for coronary vascular biomechanics: Progress and challenges
Sarah L. Waters, Jordi Alastruey, Daniel A. Beard, Peter H.M. Bovendeerd, Peter F. Davies, Girija Jayaraman, Oliver E. Jensen, Jack Lee, Kim H. Parker, Aleksander S. Popel, Timothy W. Secomb, Maria Siebes, Spencer J. Sherwin, Rebecca J. Shipley, Nicolas P. Smith, Frans N. van de Vosse

Transfer entropy in magnetoencephalographic data: Quantifying information flow in cortical and cerebellar networks
Michael Wibral, Benjamin Rahm, Maria Rieder, Michael Lindner, Raul Vicente, Jochen Kaiser

Rapporteur’s report on Session 3: Biology and mechanisms
Eric van Rongen

Cardiac cell modelling: Observations from the heart of the cardiac physiome project
Martin Fink, Steven A. Niederer, Elizabeth M. Cherry, Flavio H. Fenton, Jussi T. Koivumäki, Gunnar Seemann, Rüdiger Thul, Henggui Zhang, Frank B. Sachse, Dan Beard, Edmund J. Crampin, Nicolas P. Smith

Towards a computational reconstruction of the electrodynamics of premature and full term human labour
O. Aslanidi, J. Atia, A.P. Benson, H.A. van den Berg, A.M. Blanks, C. Choi, S.H. Gilbert, I. Goryanin, B.R. Hayes-Gill, A.V. Holden, P. Li, J.E. Norman, A. Shmygol, N.A.B. Simpson, M.J. Taggart, W.C. Tong, H. Zhang

Ultrasound–biophysics mechanisms
William D. O’Brien Jr.

Modelling and enhanced molecular dynamics to steer structure-based drug discovery
Subha Kalyaanamoorthy, Yi-Ping Phoebe Chen

Topology modification for surgical simulation using precomputed finite element models based on linear elasticity
Bryan Lee, Dan C. Popescu, Sébastien Ourselin

Ageing and vision: structure, stability and function of lens crystallins
Hans Bloemendal, Wilfried de Jong, Rainer Jaenicke, Nicolette H. Lubsen, Christine Slingsby, Annette Tardieu

Rapporteur’s report on session 5: Risk management and prevention
Shaiela Kandel

Molecular biological databases: The challenge of the genome era
Rainer Fuchs, Graham N. Cameron

Cell cultures as models of cardiac mechanoelectric feedback
Yibing Zhang, Rajesh B. Sekar, Andrew D. McCulloch, Leslie Tung