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UV and Vitamin D - 2006

Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, Vol 92(1); 2006.

UV Exposure Guidance: a Balanced Approach between Health Risks and Health Benefits of UV and Vitamin D. Proceedings of an International Workshop. Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, Vol 92(1); September 2006.

Content: UV-exposure is well recognized as the main cause of skin cancer. As a consequence, sun protection is required at times and locations where the UV radiation levels are high. On the other hand small amounts of sun exposure are essential to good health and fosters the Vitmain D production in the body. Some epidemiological studies supported the beneficial effects of sun exposure by revealing a link between a number of cancers and low Vitamin D levels. Thus, it is necessary to work on a balance between avoiding skin cancer and maintaining optimal vitamin D status.

The proceedings of the workshop gives an overview of all the issues related to the abpve questions in the field of radioprotection and Vitamin D. The contributions of the invited speakers can be ordered at the Journal Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, 92(1); July 2006 - ISSN

Table of Contents

Gunde Ziegelberger, Michael Repacholi, Alastair McKinlay

Adverse effects of ultraviolet radiation: A brief review
Richard P. Gallagher, Tim K. Lee

Robyn M. Lucas, Anne-Louise PonsonbyInitial studies on an in vivo action spectrum for melanoma induction
Edward C. De Fabo

Who, what, where and when—influences on cutaneous vitamin D synthesis
Ann R. Webb

Epidemiology of disease risks in relation to vitamin D insufficiency
William B. Grant

Does sunlight have a beneficial influence on certain cancers?
Anne Kricker, Bruce Armstrong

Long-term health risk to the skin of ultraviolet radiation
Rona M. MacKie

What is the optimal vitamin D status for health?
Reinhold Vieth

The challenge resulting from positive and negative effects of sunlight: How much solar UV exposure is appropriate to balance between risks of vitamin D deficiency and skin cancer?
Jörg Reichrath

The mechanisms and consequences of ultraviolet-induced immunosuppression
Mary Norval

Is a differentiated advice by season and region necessary?
David H. Sliney, Stephen Wengraitis

Vitamin D and its role in immunology: Multiple sclerosis, and inflammatory bowel disease
Margherita T. Cantorna

Effectiveness of information campaigns
E.W. Breitbart, R. Greinert, B. Volkmer

Acute effects of UVR on human eyes and skin
Antony R. Young

Vitamin D and disease prevention with special reference to cardiovascular disease
Armin Zittermann

Risks and benefits of sun exposure: Implications for public health practice based on the Australian experience
Craig Sinclair

Vitamin D: Its role in cancer prevention and treatment
Michael F. Holick

Vitamin D physiology
P. Lips

Public awareness regarding UV risks and vitamin D—The challenges for UK skin cancer prevention campaigns
Sara Hiom

The interaction of UVA and UVB wavebands with particular emphasis on signalling
Jean Krutmann

Vitamin D in foods and as supplements
Christel Lamberg-Allardt

Potential protection of skin by acute UVA irradiation—From cellular to animal models
R.M. Tyrrell, V.E. Reeve

Workshop Round-up Session Rapporteur's Report